André Koch

Main instructor is André Koch MBA, an entrepreneur who is partner at our software development company, Stachanov, in Amsterdam. Stachanov focuses on the development of financial simulation models. Customers for simulation development include: ING, ABN-Amro, Institute of Canadian Bankers, Belgian Bankers’ Academy and Fortis.

André Koch is an Oracle certified instructor that teaches regularly at Oracle University in the EMEA region: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Baden etc. For Statoil (Oslo), Orlen (Warsaw), Merck Serono (Geneva & Darmstadt), Torino Wireless (Turin), Bayerische Motor Werke (Munich), University of Santiago (Santiago), Ferrovial (Madrid), OES (Lausanne), Port of Rotterdam (Rotterdam), Rexam (London), Vestas (Arhus), Bosch (Eindhoven), Tarmac (Wolverhampton), Novo Nordisk (Zurich), Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure (The Hague), Dutch Ministry of Agriculture (The Hague & Utrecht), Bunge (Geneva), National Bank of Ukraine (Kiev), National Bank of Slovakia (Bratislava), ING Bank Amsterdam, ABN-Amro Bank, Amsterdam, Atomic Weapons Establishment (UK), etc.

Moreover, André Koch is a visiting lecturer for risk management and bank financial management at Nyenrode University, The Netherlands Business School.

He has written several articles on probabilistic modelling for Dutch journals for accountants and credit managers. André Koch teaches in English, French, Dutch, and if the participants are forgiving also in German.





André has written several papers about Monte Carlo statistical methods, the use of Crystal Ball, and miscellaneous financial and statistical information packs:

Download pdf   Proper assessment and management of risk: the key to succesful banking (Oracle white paper)

Download pdf   Optimizing loan portfolios (Oracle white paper)

Download pdf   Wild moments in statistics

Information about the Crystal Ball courses:

Download pdf   Course information

Download pdf   Course information (DE)

Download pdf   Stachanov Simulation track record

Information about Crystal Ball:

Download pdf   What is Crystal Ball?

Download pdf   Crystal Ball user guide